How to Set NTP Servers on VMware ESXi and vSphere

How to Set NTP Servers on VMware ESXi and vSphere


In this blog post, I’ll show you How to Set NTP Servers on VMware ESXi and vSphere.

In Windows and Linux Infrastructure, NTP Servers and consistent usage of the correct time and date on all servers and services Is very critical.

In an Active Directory environment, all computers must have the correct time and date otherwise users cannot login to workstations and servers.

Exchange Servers that don’t use the correct time and date could have delivery delays and incorrect timestamps of incoming and outgoing emails.

To make sure our VMs are using the correct time, I’ll show you how to point your ESXi host or cluster to NTP Servers.

Note: It is not recommended to use one NTP Server and it’s always better to have two servers On the list.

To get started, Open ESXi or vSphere and click on the host or cluster -> Configure -> Time Configuration

In the time configuration windows click on edit

Select Use Network Time Protocol (Enable NTP client)

In the NTP Servers type the servers IP addresses (recommended two servers )

Once configured, click on restart the next to the NTP Service status to restart the NTP service on the host or cluster.

If you are using PowerCLI you could also use the code below to set NTP Servers on your hosts:

Connect-VIServer vCenterServerHostName

Get-VMHost | Add-VMHostNtpServer

Get-VMHost | Add-VMHostNtpServer

Once done, Restart the NTP Service using PowerCLI.

Get-VMHost | Get-VmHostService | Where-Object {$_.key -eq "ntpd"} | Start-VMHostService