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What is a Virtual Machine

What is a Virtual Machine

In this article, I will explain you “What is a Virtual Machine” in detail and this explanation is from VMWare perspective.

What is a Virtual Machine
What is a Virtual Machine

A virtual machine is a set of virtual hardware on which a supported guest operating system and its applications run, it’s a set of discrete files.

A virtual machine’s configuration file describes the virtual machine’s configuration, including its virtual hardware.

Note: Avoid using special characters and spaces in the virtual machine’s name.

The Files That Make Up a Virtual Machine:

The list below shows some of the files that make up a virtual machine. Except for the log files, the name of each file starts with the virtual machines’ name <vm_name>. A virtual machine consists of the following files:

  • A configuration file (.vmx)
  • One or more virtual disk files. The first virtual disk has files <vm_name>.vmdk and <vm_name>-flat.vmdk
  • A file containing the virtual machine’s BIOS will be listed with (.nvram) extension.
  • A virtual machine’s current log file (.log) and a set of files used to archive old log entries (-#.log).
  • Swap files (.vswp) is used to reclaim memory during periods of contention.
  • A snapshot description file (.vmsd). This file is empty if the virtual machine has no snapshots.
  • If the virtual machine is converted to a template, a virtual machine template configuration file (.vmtx) replaces the virtual machine configuration file (.vmx)
  • If the virtual machine has more than one disk file, the file pair for the second disk file and later is named <vm_name>_#.vmdk and <vm_name>_#-flat.vmdk. Where # is the next number in the sequence, starting with 1.

Six of the archive log files are maintained at any one time.