What is vCenter Server Appliance

What is vCenter Server Appliance

What is vCenter Server Appliance


In this article, I will help you explain you in detail on What is vCenter Server Appliance and how it works.

Before I could make you understand the importance of vCenter Server Appliance, I would like to clear you on vSphere.

vSphere is a software suite. vSphere is like Microsoft Office suite which is bundled up with other software like MS Office, MS Excel, MS Access and so on. Like Microsoft Office, vSphere is also a software suite that has many software components like vCenter, ESXi, vSphere client and so on.

ESXi, vSphere client and vCenter are components of vSphere. ESXi server is the most important part of vSphere. ESXi is the virtualization server. It is type 1 hypervisor. All the virtual machines or Guest OS are installed on ESXi server. To install, manage and access those virtual servers which sit above of ESXi server, you will need other parts of vSphere suit called vSphere client or vCenter.

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vSphere client allows administrators to connect to ESXi servers and access or manage virtual machines. vSphere client is installed on the client machine (e.g. Administrator’s laptop). The vSphere client is used from a client machine to connect to ESXi server and do management tasks. So now what is vCenter? Why we need it?

The vCenter Server Appliance is a pre-configured Linux virtual machine, which is optimized for running vCenter Server and the associated services on Linux.
You can download the vCenter Server Appliance installer, install the VMware Client Integration Plug-In, and deploy the vCenter Server Appliance. During the deployment of the appliance, you select whether you
want to deploy vCenter Server Appliance with an external Platform Services Controller or vCenter Server Appliance with an embedded Platform Services Controller.

You can also join the vCenter Server Appliance to the same vCenter Single Sign-On domain as another vCenter Server Appliance or vCenter Server on Windows.

vCenter server is compulsory for enterprises to have enterprise features like vMotion, VMware High Availability, VMware Update Manager and VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).

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The vCenter Server Appliance is supported on ESXi 5.0 and later.

The appliance package contains the following software:
– SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Update 3 for VMware, 64-bit edition.
– PostgreSQL database.
– vCenter Server 6.0 and vCenter Server 6.0 components.
– Platform Services Controller that contains all of the necessary services for running vCenter Server such as vCenter Single Sign-On, License service, and VMware Certificate Authority.

What is vCenter Server Appliance

What is vCenter Server Appliance

You can access the vCenter Server Appliance and edit the vCenter Server Appliance settings in 4 ways:

– Use the vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface.
You can edit the system settings of the vCenter Server Appliance such as access, network, time synchronization, and the root password settings. This is the preferred way of editing the appliance.

– Use the vSphere Web Client.
You can navigate to the system configuration settings of the vCenter Server Appliance and join the appliance to an Active Directory domain, manage the services that are running in the vCenter Server Appliance, and modify various settings such as access, network, and firewall settings.
– Use the appliance shell.
You can use TTY1 to log in to the console or can use SSH and run configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting commands in the vCenter Server Appliance.
– Use the Direct Console User Interface.
You can use TTY2 to log in to the vCenter Server Appliance Direct Console User Interface to change the password of the root user, configure the network settings, or enable access to the Bash shell or SSH.